Our Purpose

Discipleship and Leadership Development

Meridian College of Leadership endeavors to be the premier Christian equipping and spiritual development organization -- offering our members the opportunity to:

·         recognize their influence on others

·         enhance their leadership knowledge and skills 

·         maximize their compassionate impact in local communities

Our mission is focused on encouraging Christians to use their talents and skills to guide and positively direct the seven major spheres of influence that shape all communities  and societies on Earth.

* Education

* Spiritual Formation

* Family

* Business

* Government

* Media

* Entertainment

We believe the commitment you make to personal development is a powerful investment in (1) the path to relevance in your walk with Christ and in the world, and (2) the strength of your personal position of influence in any organization -- among the people you live and work.

All courses are readily available online. Our live, face-to-face courses are held where 10 or more learners are excited about exploring specific courses or programs. Contact us to arrange local and regional study fellowships in your location. 


Faculty and Staff

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